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Using output of command to pipe into ForEach error.

2019.10.24 19:28 Hxcmetal724 Using output of command to pipe into ForEach error.

Hey all,
I have a simple script that is not working and I wondered why. I want to get all AD users and then find the "LastLogon" field for each. Here is my script:
$A = ($(Get-ADUser -Filter * select SamAccountName)) ForEach ($i in $A) { Get-ADUser $i -Server My-DC -properties Name,lastLogon Select-Object Name,@{n='LastLogon';e={[DateTime]::FromFileTime($_.LastLogon)}} } 
When I run the first "Get-ADUser" lline, it gives me what I expect.. for example (Jdoe). But when I put it into my ForEach statement, it throws this error, making me thing the way it goes in is with some extra characters (SamAccountName=)?
Get-ADUser : Cannot bind parameter 'Identity'. Cannot convert the "@{SamAccountName=JDoe}"
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